Wake skincare – how to get rid of under eye bags


Often the first thing you notice about yourself in the morning are the bags that have formed under your eyes. Whilst this is not the ideal way to start your day, there are ways in which these bags can be reduced if not banished entirely. Here we provide 3 tips on how to get rid of under eye bags. Not only do we offer the best eye cream for dark circles, we also provide regular information helping you to achieve your skincare goals.

Tip #1 Review Your Diet

Salt is an essential mineral, so by no means are we saying that it should be eliminated from your diet. However, by eating too much salty food you could be causing your under eye bags to grow. By reducing the amount of salt you intake to a healthy level, this should have the counter effect. It is a common theme that healthy lifestyle choices more often than not result in healthier skin.

Tip #2 Use an Eye Gel (that actually works!!!)

You have to learn to pick the correct one. There are many eye patches and thick creams that claim to work miracles but simply contain ineffective ingredients. We ensure that Wake Eye Gel is filled with all the essentials (e.g. aloe vera, collagen etc.) in order to provide all the vitamins and antioxidants that you could possibly want in an Eye Gel.

Tip #3 Store Your Eye Gel in the Refrigerator

Not only does this feel amazing and soothing when applying, the effects are even more staggering. When it comes to applying the chilled product your blood vessels will tighten, which effectively combats puffy eyes and will leave you looking more awake.

Put this three tips into action as soon as possible, and let me know how you get on!